Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I AM FINE. However, I did something incredibly stupid. Until recently, I had not had a mammogram or checkup since 2004!!! Here's the explanation:

In 2004 @ my annual checkup, my doc discovered a very small fibroid. He wanted to zap it, but the procedure required general anesthesia. Jim Bob was in Iraq @ the time & even though all the kids were grown, I wanted to wait till he got back. Well, the next year brought Sweet Boy's & Happy Girl's arrival, marriage for S2, Hurricane Katrina & move back to TN.. Quality medical care is a real problem in small towns so for the past several years I have just wrung my hands & wondered where I should go to the dr. I finally found a dr. in Nashville this fall & everything checked out fine. Fibroid still there (with a few friends) but no problems.

If you need a checkup, GET OFF THE COMPUTER & call your dr.!! It is incredibly important.

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