Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy, busy...

I have been a very bad blogger of late. I don't know where the time has gone.

Jim Bob had to do three weeks duty with the Guard recently and then next year it's back to Iraq. I thought the President said we're getting out of Iraq!! GRRRR.

Sweet Boy & Sweet Baby are both in preschool this year, doing well and loving it! I love the beginning of school. They both have wonderful teachers and many fun activities planned for the year.

RAIN, RAIN. Our fall has not been sunny, crisp, & cool. It has been rainy!! No idea why. We have finally had a few great days.

We planned a trip to the north Georgia mountains but had to cancel because my BIL had bypass surgery. I was able to squeeze in some antiquing in Nashville while Jim Bob visited.

S1 & his family just got back from a week in Disney World. The trip was planned during the Vols bye-weekend. They also planned the births of their children to happen after football season. Die-hard fans!!!

Speaking of the Vols, yeah! I'm encouraged! Hope things continue to improve.

The biggest news is that OnlyD got married (again). Sounds sudden, you say? Well, it was. We were not on board at all, but so far, so good. She married Sweet Baby's dad. No wedding to speak of, just them, which was fine with us. Things are quieter at our house, but that's fine.

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