Wednesday, February 26, 2014

House of Cards Has Been Driving Me Crazy...

...for a year.  

If you've ever watched HOC, you know that the intro/credits at the beginning of the show are timelapse sequences of Washington,  DC.  Traffic, buildings, monuments, etc. are
shown. I have been very curious about the monument & building in the pic above & have spent time searching & searching for any clue to about them without any success.

I don't even know what I searched on, but I found a pic online of this monument & building.

The monument is the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial. It is located @ Pennsylvania Ave. & 7th St. NW. Here is a description of the monument. The GAR was founded after the Civil War as a fraternal organization for Union soldiers.

The building is located @ 633 Pennsylvania Ave. NW & houses the  
National Council of Negro Women along with other groups, businesses, etc.
It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here  is a quiz from the Washington Post on the opening sequence of HOC.

Here is an interview with Andrew Geraci, who directed the shoot for the HOC opening sequence.

You can find anything on the internet!


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