Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UT Basketball is 100

Ok, forget football, on to basketball!!

The UT Vols (men) open their season Nov. 3 against Indianapolis. Also, this year UT celebrates 100 years on the basketball court. Check out
utsports.com for more info.

UT LadyVols open with an exhibition game against Carson-Newman on Nov.6.

NOTE: S1 has not missed the Georgia game since he came to UTK in Fall 1996. However, this year, after much soul-searching, he sold his tickets & skipped the game. VOLS, you are in trouble!! S1 is one of the Vols biggest fans ever!! He settled in Knoxville, has had season tickets since he graduated, goes to games home & away, is a contributor to the University & has encouraged friends & family to financially support UT (when he calls the Development Office, they know him). Too bad. He does intend to keep his Bama steak alive, however. :)

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