Thursday, August 21, 2008

Retail Therapy...

So today I took off for a bigger town that actually has places to shop & checked out a number of stores. Here we go!

Dropped off a tote @ EmbroidMe to have it monogrammed, browsed in my favorite antique/gift/design store, & checked out a kids consignment shop. Not much @ Tuesday Morning, but I didn't have time to dig. Ran through Marshall's - not much there, though they did have Vera Bradley purses in retired patterns. Stein Mart had 60% off summer merchandise - straw purses were interesting, but the store just didn't look good. Hope all is well there! Kirkland's did not have single shelves - the ones that look like crown molding.

Picked up several boxes of organic cookies for Sweet Boy @ Toys R Us. They are a special treat for successful trips to the bathroom. Actually, we need to cut them out because he is totally & completely trained! Went through the drive-thru @ Chick-Fil-A - my favorite "fast food". Jetted to Kohl's & bought this colorblock dress. I saw it on my last trip, but didn't check it out. It's sooo comfortable. It will be a good transition - fall colors, but still lightweight for those Indian summer days we are bound to have. Didn't make it to TJ Maxx or the mall...oh, well. Another Day!

Got home in time to watch Sweet Boy while OnlyD went to work. His runny nose had turned into a cold but after some meds, a long nap, supper, & a warm bath, he was feeling up to a ride in the wagon around the neighborhood. Usually he pulls the wagon, but he agreed to ride this time. We played a bit outside, read some books, & then off he went to bed.

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